Our Founder

This is our founder Soren, an avid Onewheeler, and guy who has 20 years of experience designing electronic products.  Look at him, just standing there, all proud of his fancy little invention.

Soren credits his Onewheel for turning his miserable commute into a fun ride. He also finds it an exceptional way to get around the playa at Burning Man.

Needless to say, Future Motion deserves mad respect and gratitude for bringing the world such a wonderfully conceived and constructed ride.

But, let's be honest. The battery life of the Plus is awful.

Like many other V1 and Plus riders, Soren's battery would routinely die, and leave him stranded in random places.  Constantly scrounging for AC outlets from random businesses … This comes with the territory, when you own a Onewheel.

Then there’s the nosediving. Randomly, Soren’s board would just die without warning, launching him face first to the pavement. One nosedive led to his first Onewheel being destroyed by a passing Escalade.  He bought a new board, and soldiered on. But eventually one of the nosedives landed him in the ER with a broken clavicle and mystery knee injury.

That's when Soren really put his engineering mind to the challenge of fixing this nonsense.  After a few months of focused development, he had transformed his board into a working prototype of what would be called Two-X.  

Let's just say, the thing really works. Soren’s modified board goes more than twice as far as it used to, and hasn't nosedived once.  It seems these modifications effectively solved the Onewheel's two biggest problems, in one punch.

Early on, Soren had started a thread about his idea in the Onewheel Riders Facebook forum, sharing his progress along the way with other community enthusiasts. That conversation became the longest and most active thread in that forum. People's support, encouragement, and impressive level of interest inspired Soren to productize the upgrade so everyone could have it.

Introducing Two-X. This is the ultimate performance treatment. The best part is that moment just after a long install, when you first climb on the thing, ride it and realize, this is not some chump change meaningless upgrade.  You have hacked your ride into a truly high performance machine.

Maybe you're interested in the Two-X for the massively improved range. Or maybe you bought an XR, and are figuring it'd be great if your old Plus could keep up with you so you could invite a friend to ride with you.  Soren’s personal goal is to keep people from breaking their necks.

Your Onewheel is an awesome reckless toy. Now it can also be a safe, legitimate form of transportation.