The Onewheel attracts a certain kind of person.  You look around at who owns them, they tend to be kind of interesting.  Fun loving, risk taking, inventive, resourceful, maybe a little crazy (in a good way :) Anyway it's a pretty cool community of folks.  This page goes out to all of us. 

Two-X Community

Two-X administers its own public discussion forum on Facebook:

Two-X Forum

Here, users may discuss their Two-X installation experience, discuss Two-X performance, and everything else related to Two-X.  Updates from Two-X regarding ongoing builds or releases will be made here as well.

Other Online Forums

Onewheel Owners Group (Facebook)

Onewheel Riders (Facebook)

Onewheel Reddit Forum


Other Community Projects

The community of Onewheel enthusiasts is a creative, inventive, and entrepeneural crowd.  Onewheel owners tend to be unafraid to dive in with tools and try to improve their boards.  We think that's awesome, and totally support these projects.  Here are links to some of them. If you want your project listed here, let us know!

Future Motion, of course, are the inventors of the wonderful Onewheel electric boards.

CarvePower sells solutions for recharging on the road using external battery packs.  CarvePower stuff is compatible with Two-X

Craft & Ride sells all kinds of Onewheel accessories *

Flight Fins is a modification enabling you to jump with your Onewheel.  Flight Fins are compatible with Two-X

The Float Life sells Onewheel accessories, specifically Float Plates *

* Note: Float Plates are not compatible with Two-X

Other Links

Onewheel Wiki is a useful collection of Onewheel information

The Ultimate Onewheel Knowledge Base is a spreadsheet full of ultimate info

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